Harrison line trips and pictures from 1973 - 1985 of Richard Hunt.







Whilst I was at school, I hadn't a clue of what I wanted to do when I left, I did know that I would like a job which entailed travelling, the chance of promotion and of course a fair wage! After leaving school I worked on a building site for nine months whilst deciding and earned £60 a week. Once I left and joined Harrison's I was on the super wage of £54 a month! How times have changed!

Unfortunately the company has come to an end as I knew it. In the mean time I have decided to put my trips online along with the pictures I took during those trips! It might bring back a few memory's!!!!

Help needed......

If there are any ex- Harrison Line personnel out there who have old news letters or photos, especially of shipmates, I would love to here from you. Please get in touch. I would create individual collections and have them linked to your name, along with any details you provide, names, ships, dates, route etc.


It was a great pleasure to see ship mates from so long ago on Friday, at the Annual Christmas party at The Adlephi, time was short, but very enjoyable.The old saying"Wish I had done it years ago" pops to mind, better late than never!! Looking forward to the next one already.


Harrisons of Liverpool Book Here (an excellent read)

Video page, converted 8mm film

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New: Photos from Robin Beck: Electrician. Many thanks Robin

150 MORE pictures from Robin Beck uploaded!

130 + Photos from Alan Thompson now uploaded

News Letters 1+2 now uploaded



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July 2, 2011


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